Under 17 Driving Course

Driver Instructor Plymouth

The West Point Experience is a unique opportunity for 16 year olds to get behind the wheel for the first time and to drive in a safe and controlled area designed and opperated by Devon Drivers Centre in Exeter

Based at the Westpoint Arena, It is a purpose build practice road network intending to reduce the initial stress of learning to drive. As it is off-road no licence is required and the pupil will be under the instructors control at all times in his normal tuition vehicle. Because the day is more relaxed we have found that the day counts for around 10 hours on road and upon starting their normal lesson at 17 they advance far more quickly

The circuit consists of ;  

Full 7.3 metre roads

Reversing bays

Gradients for hill starts and clutch control

Traffic light controlled junctions

Pelican and Zebra crossing

Mini roundabouts

Stop and Give way lines

No kerbs  

Devon driver centre is open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and Saturday 9am to 4pm. We pick up at 8.30am from home and stop for breakfast on the way to Westpoint and arrive there at approx 9.30am and start the day. We stop for lunch at approx 12.30 which we have locally. And return back for a second session finishing at 4.30pm arriving back in plymouth around 5.30pm.


All instructors are fully qualified and approved by the



All Day Course £180
Half Day Course £100

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