Fast Pass driving lessons Plymouth

If you’re in need of intensive driving lessons and crash courses in Plymouth, then ABCD-1234 Driving School is glad to help you. Our Fast Pass driving lessons are specifically designed for those who need to get their license as soon as possible, while still ensuring that their courses and test meet all the necessary requirements.
A range of intensive and semi-intensive driving courses
We have a selection of intensive driving courses in Plymouth that are designed to be flexible to your needs. As such, we can arrange courses that are as short or as extensive as you need, with options available from 3 day crash driving courses to 7 day “pass in a week” courses.
We recommend that you have a general basis and understanding of driving for all our intensive courses. However, for the shortest of Fast Pass courses, we recommend that you have an extensive amount of practice. As such, it’s not recommended for novice drivers with no experience, but instead are well suited for those who have failed their practical test recently.
A helping hand with your intensive courses
Though our Fast Pass driving lessons in Plymouth may sound like they are rather rushed and intense, we can ensure you that this isn’t the case. Once we have figured out how long or short you need your course to be, our highly experienced driving instructors will be able to ensure a relaxed and friendly learning environment.
These Fast Pass driving lessons in Plymouth can last for up to four hours, allowing you to go over any of the fundamentals you will be tested on, and to ensure that you have the opportunity to brush up on your skills before the practical exam.
We can pre-book a practical course as part of the course fee, and ensure that your driving lessons are arranged to ensure that you are ready by the day of your test.
WHo are Fast Pass driving lessons be suited for?
Fast Pass driving lessons do work, but we don’t recommend them for all drivers. Here are some of the factors that could make Fast Pass lessons the right fit for you:
If you want to or need to pass your practical driving test within a month or less.
If you’re able to spend over 10 hours a week on your driving lessons.
If your time is flexible enough to allow you to practice your driving at any time of day.
If you’re able and ready to pre-book and pay for your course and test booking fees.
How many driving lessons we recommend and how long it will take overall will depend on a range of factors, including your experience. Regardless, we can help you make up 20 hours of courses in no time.
Fast Pass Driving Lessons in Plymouth
If you need to get behind the wheel and get learning now, then ACBD-1234 is glad to help you. Get in touch today to arrange your Fast Pass driving lessons and we will work out the training schedule that best fits your needs.

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